The Ombuds for Graduate Students serves as a confidential, neutral, and informal resource for graduate students seeking to address concerns that may be impacting their studies.

The Graduate Ombuds Office is independent of all other departments within the university, and the ombuds does not hold any additional positions at Northeastern. In addition to serving students, the ombuds provides consultation to faculty and staff interested in exploring ways to improve communication with, and better support, their students.

Services provided by the Graduate Ombuds Office may include the following:

  • Gathering information on behalf of the visitor that may be relevant to a specific concern or dispute.
  • Supporting the visitor in identifying policies or procedures that are in practice at the department or college level.
  • Discussing and addressing current barriers to resolving a specific conflict.
  • Locating additional on- or off-campus resources that may be helpful.
  • Facilitating productive conversations via coaching, informal mediation, or shuttle diplomacy.

For additional information about the Graduate Ombuds Office please view the Northeastern University Ombuds Offices Terms of Reference (developed in conjunction with the Ombuds Office for Faculty and Staff).